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Our Beauty Treatments

Our multi-award winning salons, can take care of all of your skin and relaxation needs.

Treatment Menu and Pricing Guide

Advanced Treatments

(Only available at Mint Beauty Therapy and Advanced Aesthetics)
Time to get serious about your skin journey. Our advanced treatments offer long-term solutions
for your skin health.

Skin Scanning$50

Go beyond surface beauty and discover the truth about your face. Our skin specialists will scan
your face, analysing five different profiles to provide the very best guidance for in-house and
at-home treatments. Cost redeemable on product purchases on the same day of consultation.

Dermal Needling (Collagen Induction)

Designed to encourage self-rejuvenation through the production of collagen. Dermal needling
activates the skins natural repair and replenishment function. Ideal for the treatment of fine
lines and wrinkles, pigmentation, pore size reduction and acne scarring.

Face and Neck$350
Face, Neck, Décolletage and Back of Hands$550

IPL Hair Removal

For the permanent removal of unwanted dark, grey, or coarse blonde hair. More effective than
waxing, electrolysis or laser. IPL treatment is a safe and non-invasive procedure. All first time IPL treatments require a consultation with one of our IPL specialists to evaluate your skin, complete a patch test and estimate the required number of treatments. Before and after care information is also
provided to clients.

Most clients require 6-10 treatments, usually 4-6 weeks apart.

Neck $80
1/2 Leg$330
Abdomen (Snail Trail)$85
Full Arm$220
Full Leg$420
G-String Bikini$150
Lip, Chin and Sides$140
Upper Lip$60
Upper Lip and Chin$110

IPL Pigmentation and Skin Rejuvenation

Removing the visible signs of ageing and sun damage can take years off your appearance giving you smooth, clear skin. Most clients require 5-6 treatments at 2-3 week intervals (anti-aging); 1-3 treatments at 8-12 week intervals (pigmentation); and 2-5 treatments at 1-2 week intervals (acne scar reduction).

Back of Hands$145
Cheek Area$170
Full Face
Half Arm
Full Arm$330
Face, Neck & Décolletage
Full Back & Shoulders$500

IPL Red Vein Removal

Reduce the signs of redness, flushing and damaged or dilated capillaries. Most clients require 2-6 treatments at 4-6 week intervals (red veins).

Nose and Cheeks$150
Other areasPrice on request

Jessica Lennan Advanced Aesthetics

(Only available at Mint Beauty Therapy and Advanced Aesthetics - Mondays)
A natural, subtle approach to appearance medicine procedures based on the philosophy that "The best injectable is undetectable". Our services start with a free consultation provided in a safe private setting where clients can be assured of confidentiality and they are under no pressure to go through with any treatment.  Having extensively studied the effects of the aging process, along with being an experienced nurse and a mature woman, Jessica specialises in enhancing the natural beauty of our clients by working in partnership with them to achieve their goals.



Our personal and private consultation offers you the opportunity to learn more about our advanced aesthetics offer and what treatment is suitable for you.  Payment is redeemable on services or products. 

Botulinum Toxin

Reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles and prevent further lines and wrinkles





Crows Feet


Excessive Under Arm Sweating


Jaw Grinding/Teeth Clenching


Dermal Filler

The second most popular treatment in appearance medicine.  Temporary Hyaluronic Acid gel products which are injected into specific areas of the face to enhance and restore signs or aging or asymmetry.

For lips to define, enhance, rehydrate                                                                                                                        


For fine lines, smokers lines, under eyes, cheeks, jaw or chin


Profhilo 2 treatments 1 month apart


Mint Mono Threads

A minimally invasive procedure​​, Mint mono threads are a collagen induction therapy designed to tighten skin and improve skin texture. The threads can be used around jawlines,  necks, the lower face, under the eyes, the chest and the navel.

20 Threads (minimum treatment)


50 Threads


Every 10 threads after this add on                    



Cryotherapy or cryosurgery  is the application of extreme cold to destroy various skin lesions. Cryotherapy is used to treat a number of diseases and disorders, most especially skin conditions like warts, moles, skin tags and solar keratoses.

Per cartridge (treats up to 5 lesions)



Spider vein therapy.  Sclerotherapy is the treatment of red and purple spider veins on the legs using injections.





Compression Hosiery                                                                                                    


Spa Treatments

Only available at Mint Beauty Therapy and Day Spa 

Escape and unwind with our range of signature spa treatments designed with you in mind. 

Paradise - 75 mins
Delve into paradise with a full body sugar cane exfoliation to polish away any dead skin cells  while nourishing newly revealed skin. This treatment is followed by a relaxing 45-minute back, neck and shoulder massage to relieve tension and melt away your stress.

Single $115

Couple $200

Bliss - 75 mins
Your blissful experience begins with a luxurious foot ritual followed by a 30-minute back massage and a 30-minute facial. This package is designed to bring back your natural glow. (coconut milk soak, sugar cane exfoliation and hydrating lotion)

Single  $150 

Couples $275

Serenity - 2 hours 15 mins
30-minute massage, 30-minute facial and a deluxe pedicure in one of our specially designed pedicure massage chairs.

Single $180

Couples $330

Tranquility - 2 hours 15 mins
Begin with a luxurious foot ritual including coconut milk soak, sugar cane exfoliation and the application of hydrating lotion and continue to unwind with a tranquil 60-minute full body massage using warmed exotic oil. Add to this a 60-minute facial to uncover your natural glow and you are guaranteed to leave rested and relaxed.

Single $205

Couples $375

Nurture (Mum to be) - 2 hours
Let us nurture you with a full body pregnancy massage using warmed exotic oils to relieve tired and sore muscles to create a sense of harmony and wellbeing for both you and baby. Follow this with a deluxe pedicure to help ease tension and discomfit in your feet, while adding a splash of colour to brighten your day.

 Single $200

Couples $375

Manicures and Pedicures

Please note our manicures and pedicures do not automatically include gel nails or nail art.

Express Manicure - 30 minutes


Deluxe Manicure - 60 minutes


Gel Manicure - 60 minutes


Express Pedicure - 30 minutes


Deluxe Pedicure - 60 minutes


Gel Pedicure - 60 minutes


Add ons

Gel Polish

$30 add on

Gel Removal


Nail Art (Gel only)

$2-$5 per nail

Warm Keratin Gloves or Boots


Callous Peel


BIAB Nails

Treating yourself to a manicure is as much about making yourself feel good as it is looking after yourself.  What you choose to wear on your nails can have a lasting impact on the health of your nail bed. 

BIAB (Builder in a Bottle) from Gel Bottle Inc, is a unique formula that mimics the strength and durability you powder and acrylic nails, without the need to complete the removal and reapplication process each time.     Builder In A Bottle aka BIAB, is a soak-off gel builder ideal for creating strong overlays and as a strengthening barrier for natural nails.  Our BIAB range is a natural appearance range, with lighter colours allowing our UV lamp to work with the stronger and thicker gel of BIAB.  However, if you wish to have a bold colour you can add the gel colour on top of your BIAB nail.

BIAB works to strengthen the natural nail and prevent breakage or weakness.  If you are a nail-biter, it will help to kick that habit as BIAB is too strong to bite through.  It won’t chip or break, protecting the nail underneath to grow. 

Notes from our resident expert Gemma: 

“The BIAB treatment lasts around three to four weeks and it can be either soaked off or ideally infilled.  It’s a strengthening gel that can be built up to create a beautiful shiny and even nail.  It contains a base and primer in the gel itself so not only does it strengthen, it also nourishes the nail.  BIAB is much stronger and resistant to biting than natural nails, it provides an ability for nails to grow stronger and recover if your nails are damaged”. 

Grow your natural nails with Builder in a Bottle (BIAB). BIAB is strong but still feels natural and flexible.  Our BIAB service includes refinement of previous BIAB (if any) applied by us, cuticle maintenance, nail shape and prep, application or backfill of BIAB, a long-lasting gel polish finish, aftercare advice, hot towel and cuticle oil.   It does not include Gel Polish or nail art,  which can be booked separately.  Please add a removal if you have product from another salon on your nails, as this takes additional time to remove.

With BIAB nails a rebalance is required every 2-4 weeks due to the growth of the natural nail.  The existing nail enhancement is blended flush and BIAB is applied to structurally support the natural nail, then buffed to a high shine and finished with solar oil.

BIAB Deluxe Manicure – First Application $90 (75 minutes)

BIAB Deluxe Manicure – 2 weeks backfill $65 (45 minutes)

BIAB Deluxe Manicure – 3 weeks backfill $70 (45 minutes)

BIAB Deluxe Manicure – 4 weeks backfill $80 (60 minutes)

BIAB Deluxe Manicure – 5 removal and reapplication $120 (90 minutes)

Add on Gel Polish $15 (15 minutes)


Indulge, relax and step away from the world with our expert team of massage therapists. Using the best of Pure Fiji products that will indulge your senses with real tropical scents, our range of treatments are designed to take you away from real life for a short time, delivering you back rejuvenated, invigorated and blissfully relaxed.

Back Sugar Rub Enhancement (available with all massages) - 15 minutes                                                               $25

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage involves a softer pressure with long and kneading strokes and aids in relaxation, increased blood flow and decreased stress.

Back Massage - 25 minutes


Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage - 40 minutes


Full Body Massage - 55 minutes


Full Body Extended - 85 minutes


Deep Tissue Massage 

Deeper layers of muscle are targeted in this massage form, using a firm pressure. This physically breaks down muscle knots and breaks up scar tissue. Using specialised heating or cooling balms to target your areas of concern, you will leave feeling lighter and harmonious.

Back Massage - 25 minutes


Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage - 40 minutes
Full Body Massage - 55 minutes


Hot Stone Massage

Smooth water heated stones are placed at key-points on the body to promote muscle relaxation. This allows for deeper pressure to areas of tension, without causing you discomfort. The heat of the stones increases blood flow and lymphatic drainage, all while promoting well-being and relaxation.

Full Body - 55 minutes                                                             


Full Body Extended - 85 minutes


Lymphatic Drainage Massage

A gentle massage using specific techniques to move excess lymph fluid accumulated as a result of illness, injury or medical treatment. Useful to reduce fatigue, fluid retention and Fibromyalgia. For best results it is recommended to have 3-4 sessions.

25 minutes                                                                    


55 minutes


Reflexology Massage

Treat your feet with this very relaxing, yet sometimes stimulating massage. Your treatment starts with a luxurious foot ritual then the reflex points on your feet will be treated to relieve stress and tension to put a spring back in your step!

25 minutes                                                                                                                                                                      


Pregnancy Massage

A relaxing treatment for a mum-to-be, this form of massage is therapeutic for a woman whose body is undergoing change. Muscle and joint function are improved, circulation is increased, and mental and physical fatigue are alleviated. The perfect opportunity to unwind for a mum-to-be.

*Pregnancy massage should only be carried out after the first trimester.

Back Massage - 25 minutes                                                      


Full Body - 55 minutes



Eye Treatments

Eyebrow Shape


Eyebrow Tint


Eyebrow Tint and Shape


Eyelash Tint


Eyelash Tint and Eyebrow Shape


Eye Combo - Eyelash Tint, Eyebrow Tint and Eyebrow Shape


Eyelash Tint and Eyebrow Tint


Henna Brows

Natural eyebrow tinting with a tattoo effect on the skin, lasts up to 6 weeks. Consultation test
patch (recommended first time) free with other treatments.

Henna Brow                                                                                   


Henna Brow and Shape


Henna Brow, Shape and Eyelash Tint


Yumi Lash Lift and Brow Lamination

Yumi Lash Lift                                                                                          


A keratin infusion that curved the natural lashes upward & locks in a dark glossy sheen. Suitable for sensitive eyes, lasts 8-12 weeks

Yumi Brow Lamination                                                        


We contour the natural brow in a way that balances proportion and adds dimension. We then set the scene with a keratin infusion leaving you with a result lasting 4 - 6 weeks

Yumi Lash Lift and Brow Lamination Combo                                   


Yumi Lash Lift, Eyebrow Shape and Tint


Face Waxing

Chin, Sides of Face or Upper Lip                                         


Chin and Upper Lip


Chin & Brows


Brows and Upper Lip


Upper Lip, Chin & Brows


Upper Lip, Chin & Sides


Upper Body Waxing

Under Arm                                                                      


Half Arm


Full Arm


Snail Trail


Lower Body Waxing 

1/2 Leg


3/4 Leg


Full Leg




Full Leg and Bikini


G String


Brazilian (Repeat treatment with us in less than 6 weeks)


Brazilian (New client or greater than 6 weeks)


Male Waxing

1/2 Leg                                                                                   


3/4 Leg


Back and Chest










(Specialist makeup room at Mint Beauty and Day Spa, makeup available at both salons)
Looking for a new look? Getting ready for a special occasion? Specialists in New Zealand natural Lauren and Louise our trained make up therapists use mineral makeup with high quality ingredients to suit all skin types and provide long lasting coverage. 

School Ball/Special Occasion/Bridesmaid (Day of Wedding)


Bridal Trial


Bride (Day of the Wedding)


Spray Tanning
(Only available at Mint Beauty and Advanced Aesthetics)

Get your glow on! We use tanning solutions for all skin types (light to dark). Whether you want
a natural glow or a rich glamour tan, we have the solution to suit your needs. Best of all, you can
shower after just 2-6 hours and watch your tan develop.

Half Body                                                                                       


Full Body


Speciality Facial Treatments

Relax and unwind with our beautiful range of facials. Hand tailored to suit your skin, all while you
relax. These treatments all include a double cleanse, exfoliation treatment, hydrating mask and

Designed to suit your busy lifestyle and relaxation goals as well as achieving your goals.

Pick your timing and work with our qualified therapist to design your treatment

Express Facial - 30 minutes


Mini Facial - 45 minutes


Signature Facial - 60 minutes


Deluxe Facial - 90 minutes


Clear Start 
The Dermalogica Clear Start facial is designed for young skin, targeting breakouts, blackheads and shine to achieve healthy skin (available in 30 minute only). 

Soothe away redness and reduce the look of irritated, sensitive skin with a treatment that also keeps the signs of aging at bay. 

Age Defiance 
Reduce the visible signs of aging including fine lines and wrinkles with intelligent exfoliation and firming peptides. Help swing the hands of time for smoother and more radiant skin. 

Picture Perfect 
The perfect natural filter to perk up your complexion. A refreshing facial that revitalises your skin, the great pick-me-up before an event or special occasion. 

The Hydrator
Relieve dry skin with a hydrating facial that helps restore moisture, vitality and firmness. 

Finding Clarity
Fight acne and imperfections, controlling excess oil for clearer, healthier looking skin. 

Let's get even
Minimise the appearance of age spots, hyperpigmentation and sun damage with our brighten­ing treatment that also helps to smooth rough skin texture. 

LED Therapy
This facial is focused on reducing inflammation and aging providing relaxation and rejuvenation of the skin. Using our advanced skincare to cleanse, exfoliate and massage the skin. This facial offers 10 minutes of pure relaxation with our LED mask.


Add a mask to your facial or peel treatment to bring sluggish skin back to life.

Hydrojelly Mask$35
A new generation of peel-off masks boosted with electrolyte technology to help increase the skin's ability to retain moisture and feel and look healthy. We have a range of products to meet every skin type. 

Sculpted Mask
Featuring bromelain enzyme derived from pineapples, this layered mask works to break down proteins in the skin and help to rejuvenate the appearance of the skin. Layered masks work for all skin types as breaking down proteins to leave your skin glowing. 


Designed to clarify and brighten your complexion our range of peels gently remove a layer of
skin to reveal the brighter, youthful skin within. Peels can minimise pores, smooth skin, erase fine
lines and reduce scarring.

Blueberry Smoothie

A deliciously refreshing peel that invigorates the skin with the use of a gentle AHA acid. Active
blueberry extracts exfoliate the skin to restore a youthful looking glow. This light peel is great for
congested, rough textured skin.

Pomegranate Peel

The perfect pick-me-up for all skin types, conditions and concerns. This antioxidant peel is
specially designed to even out the top layers of the skin and mildy exfoliate while preventing
external free radical damage.

Essential Peptide Peel$150

A gentle peel combining AHA, vitamin A, Peptides and Raspberry oil to reveal a smoother,
younger looking skin. Ideal for thin and fragile skins.

Benefit Peel$180

Vitamin A & C combine in an all purpose treatment with fruit enzymes to resurface, correct and

Purity Peel$190

A gentle epidermal treatment to decongest and clarify for clearer, healthier looking skin. Perfect
for oily and blemish prone skin.

Timeless Peel

A powerful vitamin A and AHA peel that supports significant cell turnover, resulting in smoother,
denser, more hydrated skin. Great for address fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and
perfecting the skin.

Lacto-Botanical Peel$120

These peels are a powerful yet gentle alternative to traditional glycolic peels. Lactic acid is an excellent skin renewal tool to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, hyper-pigmentation and dehydration. 


Perfect for all skin types, dermablading is a physical exfoliation designed to remove accumulated
dead skin cells and peach fluff hair in a controlled manner, leaving a youthful healthy looking skin.
Hair will return at the same thickness in 4-6 weeks.



Dermablading Oxygen Facial


Dermablading and Pomegranate Peel



Microdermabrason is a gentle, non-chemical exfoliation using small crystals to remove the
thicker, uneven outer layer of your skin revealing rejuvenated and refreshed skin.



Microdermabrason and Pomegranate Peel


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